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Cut Out Stickers - Logo + QR Code

Cut Out Stickers - Logo + QR Code

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Cut Out Stickers - Logo + QR Code

Service Details:

  • Sticker design and printing
  • Approximate size between 2.25" to 2.75" (Depends on the final design according to the brand)
  • Various lamination options available

Upload or email your design: with your name and order number (please send your files in the best quality possible and preferably in PNG format) . If you do not have your design, you must send your logo, information and any other details desired to personalize your Stickers. Designs between brands may vary.

If we cannot work with your design, we will be in touch to give you options available for the preparation of your order.

Colors in print may vary from the digital design

*Important if you need printing in another size or quantity, contact us for personalized attention.

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